All you need to know...

Rush is one of our favourite ALCOHOL-FREE MedSoc Freshers’ Fortnight events – join us for an hour of non-stopping trampolining at RUSH! This is a great way to meet other Freshers, MedSoc committee, our fab 2nd year COs and friendly older year MedSoc Heros! As well as all the trampolines, there’s a dodgeball court, total wipeout ring, and balance beam boxing, so feel free to make some frenemies too… 😆

Make sure to follow our event page on Facebook to keep up to date with all the details but the current plan is to meet at University Station on Campus in advance of our slot at Rush, giving us time to all catch the train to Bournville together (without getting lost in the depths of Birmingham!) to get to RUSH and descend upon Bournville in MedSoc fashion! 

Details on where/when to meet will be released on the event page on FB, make sure you keep hold of your reference number in case we need to check it on the day.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Included in the price: your entrance to RUSH and a fabulous pair of NEON non-slip socks that you need in order to jump! 

Look for the people in the HOT PINK and BRIGHT BLUE tops (shown above!) at the train station and at the events – these are some of our older years/committee!