MedBall 2022

MedBall 2022
The University of Birmingham’s Medical Society warmly invites you to MedBall 2022: A Night at the Movies.
Be sure to secure your tickets, dust off your dresses and suits, and prepare
 your best dance moves for the biggest event of the MedSoc calendar!
More details on tickets and tables coming soon.
We hope to see you there,

MedBall Reps x

We are so happy to be able to announce that tickets are now on sale! Before buying one we just wanted to give you a bit of info as it’s a little bit more complicated this year:
*Firstly, for anyone unfamiliar with MedBall, the dinner tickets include a prosecco reception, 3 course meal (with table wine) and an after-dinner party. The after-dinner tickets only include the after-dinner celebrations*
**Secondly, the tickets are limited to 1 of each type per person. This is due to the guild needing proof of MedSoc membership to buy a discounted ticket. You can buy one of each different type of ticket though – so you can buy for a non-MedSoc plus one. **
***Thirdly, this year we are offering tickets that do not include alcohol. The amount of wine on the table will be adjusted according to this. There will be a chance to request a table completely free of alcohol on the seating arrangement form (to be released later)***
***Finally, menu options and seating arrangements won’t be available when purchasing the ticket. These will be made using separate forms at a later date. ***
✨Boring admin over, it’s now time for those all-important ticket links! ✨
Tickets are the same price as last year and are as follows:
MedSoc member dinner ticket- £72.00
MedSoc member dinner ticket ‘alcohol not included’ -£70.00
Non-MedSoc member dinner ticket- £77.00
Non-MedSoc member dinner ticket ‘alcohol not included’ -£75.00
Faculty dinner ticket- £80.00
After-dinner ticket- £35.00
Buy now to avoid disappointment – we can’t wait to see you all there!
MedBall love Maya, India, Rosie, Alys, Camille and Sarah x