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The Official page for UBMS’s Dance Society.

Do you want to develop a new talent? Or are you a more experienced dancer wanting to dance your heart out? Well MedSoc Dance Society has it all!

We are an inclusive and friendly society that holds weekly student-led classes for a variety of dance styles for all abilities. Classes are very welcoming, and include: ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, Bollywood, heels, contemporary and commercial. All classes meet at the Medical School on weekday evenings, very conveniently suiting your timetable.

Every December, we host our annual Medsoc Dance show in aid of charity. In 2019, we raised over £1750 for Teenage Cancer Trust and Sarcoma UK with our show, ‘’We Could Be Heroes’’! Participation is optional, but if you do choose to take part, you can be sure it will be the highlight of your year, and is a great opportunity to put on some stage makeup and have some fun (not to mention breaking out some major dance moves in the post-show celebration at Fab)!

For more advanced dancers, there is also the option to audition for the dance squad, which perform extra dances in the dance show, as well as performing in other university events such as Big Band and sports matches throughout the year.

In addition to classes, we also hold socials throughout the year so that members, both new and existing, have the chance to get to know each other better and make some new friends!

So, whether you’re looking to meet some new people, keep fit with some exercise or break out those old pointe shoes – MedSoc Dance is a great society for everyone, and we look forward to meeting some new faces soon!

 For more information, just get in touch:

– Instagram: @medsocdance

– Medsoc Dance Society Facebook Page

Danielle Pollitt-Walmsley

President 2021-22

Check back soon for more event announcments

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