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Gastrointestinal Society (BUGS)

Gastrointestinal Society (BUGS)

The Official page for the Birmingham University Gastrointestinal Society (BUGS).

Gastroenterology is an ever changing and fascinating area! Here at BUGS Soc, we look to involve everyone in talks ranging from developments in gastroenterology to the microbiome. We also hold interactive workshops and revision lectures helping you through the the DIG module which you’ll explore in more detail during preclinical years. It’s a great way to meet more people potentially interested in the same path as you! Heading into med school, a large proportion of you will be keeping your options open to exploring different fields. In our society, you can keep an open mind whilst involving yourself in exciting research opportunities and becoming part of an ever growing field. For more information head over to our BUGS Instagram and Facebook page, and keep your eyes posted for updates throughout the year!

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