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Haematology Society (HaemSoc)

Haematology Society (HaemSoc)

HaemSoc is a society that aims to inspire, educate and demystify haematology – the study of blood and bone marrow. Anaemia, certain types of cancer, blood clots and blood transfusions all fall under the umbrella of haematology. It’s a fast-growing area of medicine, so we’re here to help get you interested and get involved!

In our quest to help others unravel the enigmas of erythrocytes and the puzzles of platelets, we hold quizzes, run revision sessions, and host an annual conference.

Haematology in practice requires a multidisciplinary team, so we hope to raise its profile in courses other than just medicine, including biomedical sciences and nursing. Anyone with an interest in the subject should attend our events and get involved!

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