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LGBTQ+ Society

LGBTQ+ Society

The Official page for UBMS’s LGBTQ+ Society.

Welcome to the Medsoc LGBTQ+ society!

If you identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community (or if you’re not sure yet) then this society is for you! We are mainly a social group hosting parties such as the big freshers meet and greet, to brunches and dinners to help you meet other LGBTQ+ students within the MDS. All courses and years, including some of our lovely graduates working in Birmingham hospitals! We aim to host a mix of drinking and sober socials to give everyone the opportunity to join in and have fun. 

We also provide a safe space for students to talk to us with any worries and problems and offer support, whether it be a friendly face to chat to around the med school or addressing your concerns with the med school anonymously for you. We are also committed to working with the med school to promote LGBTQ+ inclusive healthcare and teaching throughout the curriculum, we are always here to listen to your concerns so feel free to email about things that may need improving or highlighting so we can bring it to the med school’s attention. 


To sign up, please email us using the contact link below and we’ll give you all the details of upcoming events and how to join the secret Facebook group (for members who are not out, don’t worry! Only members within the society can see you’ve joined and the group will not show up on your profile for others.) Check out our instagram page linked below for upcoming events and current updates and don’t forget to get your medsoc membership to sign up to the society!


Can’t wait to meet you all!

LGBTQ love xx

Caolán (LGBTQ+ president)

Check back soon for more event announcments

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