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The Official page for UBMS’s Neurology Society.

Welcome to UoB MedSoc’s NeuroSoc! 

We are a society for all things Neuro to help you understand interesting and difficult concepts that you can apply in academic and clinical contexts. We put on a range of sessions – there’ll be something for everyone whether you’re pursuing a neuro-related career or want to understand brain anatomy more and everything in between! Membership is free and no commitment is required, just come to events that you’re interested in!

Examples of our sessions:

  • Revision – OSCE prep for clinical students and anatomy/physiology for preclinical students
  • Lectures about interesting topics not covered in the curriculum
  • The daily lives of doctors in their specialities
  • What research is and how to get into it

We’re on Facebook as ‘UoB NeuroSoc’ and Instagram as @bhamneurosoc – find these links below! Message us with any questions you may have, or you can email us directly at

See you soon!

NeuroSoc love x

Lana and Matt (Neurosoc co-presidents)

Check back soon for more event announcments

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