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Welcome to the official page for the UBMS’¬†Oncology Society (OncSoc)!

OncSoc is a student-led society ran by enthusiastic individuals all sharing a common interest in oncology, the specialty of cancer.¬†Whether you have an interest in the science behind oncology, the innovative and groundbreaking advancements in cancer management, research, or simply want to brush up on your cancer module(s), we’re here to help you!


1. We organise talks and panel discussions delivered by leading specialists across all areas of oncology (namely medical, clinical, surgical, interventional, and research).
2. We’ll be conducting insightful revision sessions (e.g., for CAN) and clinical communication workshops to help support you.
3. Our new and exciting journal club will support your research skills and update you about significant oncology literature.
4. Fundraising events and fun socials!
5. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with other oncology societies in the UK.
6. Our famous OncSoc News Hour will keep you in the loop of interesting developments, as always.

(And so much more!)


OncSoc membership is absolutely free! All you have to do is click on the MedSoc logo at the top of this page and make sure you have your MedSoc membership handy. Now, after you do that…

Click on the icons below to get in touch with us and follow our social media accounts to keep up with the latest society updates. We look forward to meeting you at Freshers’ Fair on 21st September!

Check back soon for more event announcments

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