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The Official page for the UBMS Squash team.

“Squash, Squash! Wherever you may be, pick up a racket and play with me!”

Hello! A massive welcome to MedSoc Squash! Besides being a tasty vegetable and a refreshing beverage, squash a large and sociable club, combining training and matches at the snazzy 360 Sports Centre with many mind-blowing socials!

We are a friendly, vibrant and dynamic club with a great community vibe. With members from all years and courses, there will always be someone the same ability as you. Even if you’ve never picked up a racket, or don’t even quite know what squash is, worry not! The beautiful mystery of the game we love is that everyone can get involved! 

Coaching from senior players is available during training sessions as well as matches / fun minigames. Throughout the year we will be organizing lots of fun events including an inter-club tournament, a battle of the racket sports against tennis and badminton and our brilliant NAMs tournament where we will host teams from medical schools across the country for an amazing weekend of squash, silliness and fun.

See you all there!

Training times:

Wednesday 20:40 – 22:00

Saturday 10:00 – 12:00

Membership links:

Semester 1:

Semester 2: TBC

Check back soon for more event announcments

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