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The Official page for UBMS’s Surgical Society.

Hello Freshers, welcome to Birmingham! Anam and Lewis here, your SurgSoc Presidents! Now, we’ve all been there: you rock up to your first anatomy lecture and you are so excited to learn, then some keen-bean says that they’re destined to become an acute paediatric cardio-trauma and neurovascular robotic surgeon*, and they’re actually cousins with Meredith Grey. Not to worry, SurgSoc is here to encourage and engage everyone about everything surgical. Dentists, nurses, physios, biomed and medics – we are here for all of you! Whether you fancy learning some cool surgical skills, trying your hand at some research, or just looking to explore a new field, SurgSoc 2021/2022 is bringing some big changes and huge events… we would love to have you join us!

*Disclaimer: this is not a real speciality, please do not get excited.

Check back soon for more event announcments

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