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Teddy Bear Hospital

Teddy Bear Hospital

The Official page for UBMS’ Teddy Bear Hospital Charity.

Teddy Bear Hospital is a friendly volunteering society that organises weekly workshops at Birmingham primary schools, Birmingham Library and The ThinkTank Museum. We are a large society of keen and enthusiastic members from various medical and healthcare courses and have had over 100 new volunteers this past year alone. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Teddy Bear Hospital has been able to restructure its workshops to make them virtual for primary school children. We created fun educational resources such as interactive slides, workbooks and activities for our stations on handwashing and hygiene, healthy eating, body organs, first-aid, and emergency services. These have been useful in delivering our volunteer-led sessions online via Zoom to children in primary schools. Overall, the online workshops have been very successful this year. The children have particularly enjoyed singing-along and dancing to the interactive song as part of the healthy eating station.


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