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TUTTI – Medsoc’s Music Society

TUTTI – Medsoc’s Music Society

Hi there!

Welcome to Tutti, MedSoc’s music society. We are the umbrella society overseeing the Medical School’s six musical ensembles: Belcanto, Big Band, MedChoir, Orchestra, Tutti Flutti and Vocal Chords. Once you’ve joined MedSoc, it’s only £6 to join Tutti and from there, you can access as many of the individual groups as you like! Each ensemble is organised by fellow students studying in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences and caters to a range of styles and abilities.

‘Tutti’ means ‘all’ or ‘together’ in Italian and is a commonly used musical notation that directs the musician to perform a certain passage of music with “all instruments together.” We believe that everyone who loves performing music should be able to get involved, regardless of technical ability. That’s why we have a range of ensembles you can join, each catering to different abilities and styles. And if there isn’t an ensemble for you, we’ll support you in setting up your own!

In total, we put on three huge shows each year, with each band or choir taking part in at least two. Ensembles may also organise their own additional performances throughout the year. Rehearsals normally run from September through to March. As well as making great music, Tutti is renowned for its social scene and legendary after-parties, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to meet like-minded musicians while you’re with us.

Interested in joining the family? We thought you might be!

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