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Meet the MedSoc Committee

Birmingham MedSoc is run by a committee of 23 dedicated MedSoc members. Each individual on committee has a role, together ensuring the smooth running of Birmingham MedSoc. Fancy being on committee? Keep an eye on your student emails in March to find out about how you can join!

President - Grace Westland

Course: Medicine (Intercalating in Clinical Sciences)

Year: 5

Hi, I’m Grace – I’m the Vice President Academic this year!! I’m currently intercalating only Women’s Health between my third and fourth year. My role involves organising the pre-clinical revision sessions and making the academic freshers guide to first year. This year I’ve also introduced some new things such as the academic freshers reps and third year teaching series and there’s still plenty more to come!

My favourite thing about med Soc is the number of people you get to meet and all the opportunities to try new things!

Vice President Academic - Maeve Mulchrone

Course: Medicine

Year: 4

Hey everyone I’m Maeve (she/her) and I’m delighted to be your Vice President Academic this year! I’ve just finished my third year of medicine and now intercalating in Global and Public Health so hopefully this experience will give me lots of tips to share with you all, as I’ve started to share more top tips on our instagram page @bhammedsoc_academics! My role basically involves making the academic side of uni a little bit easier for everyone and I’m always open to suggestions on how to do this! Look out for our annual revision series before exams and our exciting new upcoming events for all MDS subjects – can’t wait to meet you all soon 💛

Vice President Social - Mollie tuff

Course: Medicine

Year: 3

Hi! My name is Liv and I am really looking forward to being your new VPS! My role includes being part of the team that oversee our MedSoc events, so that means organising your fresher’s week which I am so excited for!!! Here’s a little bit about myself… I’m from Manchester, did gymnastics for 13 years, and absolutely love to attend MedSoc events! I can’t wait to meet you all in fresher’s week and will make sure you have an amazing time! 🙂

Something that makes me special – a little bit of a nerdy fact but I know over 50 digits of pi haha

Secretary - Jamie Mcginn

Course: Medicine

Year: 4th Year

Hi all! I’m Jamie and I’m the Secretary of MedSoc this year. I’ll be working closely with this year’s wonderful committee, organising meetings and responding to queries, to ensure all things MedSoc run smoothly, as well as organising the Freshers photos and putting together the MedSoc Review, celebrating the achievements of all our fantastic societies – be sure to check this out! I look forward to bringing you all another fantastic year of MedSoc!


Something that makes me special: I make cocktails when I’m not studying Medicine!

Treasurer - Ysa Mendoza

Course: Medicine (4th year/intercalated)

Year: 4 (Intercalating)

Hi everyone! My name is Ysa and I’m your Medsoc treasurer this year, this means I’m in charge of keeping the key to the Medsoc finances! My big things this year will be grants weekend and overall supervising the different activities of Medsoc! I’m so excited to get stuck in and see what Medsoc can do this year, it’s my second year on committee and I just can’t get enough! If you see me around don’t be afraid to say hi :))

Other than Med School, you can find me playing volleyball or running! I do like my side quests hahaha

Entertainment reps - Katie and Lily

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-24 at 22.58.04

Course: Medicine      

Year: 4

Heyy we’re your Entertainment Reps for 2023/24!! We’ll be hosting a bunch of super cool events including the parTy on Broad Street, the Christmas party, Ice skating and Bingo to name a few… Make sure to stay in the loop by following our Instagram @bhammedsocent

Societies and Charities Rep - Holly wilson

Course: Medicine 

Year: 4 (after intercalating in Clinical Anatomy)

Hi everyone! I’m Holly and I will be your Societies and Charities Representative this year! I’m in my 4th year of Medicine after intercalating in Public Health! I’m going to be organising the MedSoc Fresher’s Fair where all the exciting societies, charities and sports you can be part of! For the rest of the year, I help to support these groups and being part of charity events! This year we’re also going to have a raising and giving week where sports and societies across MedSoc will collectively raised money for charity. Outside of medicine, I love playing hockey, running, hiking and travelling!

Publicity Rep - Anna Rebecca

Course: Medicine

Year: 4 

Course: Medicine

Hey everyone, I’m Anna, the new Publicity Rep! I’m so excited to be creating the content over on our socials, so make sure to follow us on Instagram, TikTok & Facebook to get all the most up-to-date info and fun clips of everything going on at our amazing medsoc. Some of you may recognise me from my YouTube Anna Rebecca (previously everyday Anna), cheeky plug to subscribe 🙂 But I have a real love for social media, so I can’t wait to bring something new to the role.

If you ever have any questions or worries, please always reach out. We’re all here to make your time at medical school as fun as possible despite how daunting it can sometimes feel.

Website Rep - Shyam Gohil

Course: Medicine

Year: 2

I am so excited to be the website rep for the MedSoc this yr !!!. I hope to deliver and aesthetic and vibrant website and hope to keep you updated with the cool events med soc has lined up. One thing that makes me special is I am a pro fifa player.

Sponsorship Rep - Everyday Anna

Medball President - Jack Stacey

Course: Medicine

Year: 4

Hi all! We’re Maya, India, Rosie, Alys, Camille and Sarah, a group of 6 girls going into our fourth year at Birmingham! This year we are your MedBall reps, and it is our job to organise THE MedSoc event of the year. MedBall is an amazing evening of food, drink and entertainment and we hope to see you all there!

Favourite thing about MedSoc: All the fantastic events throughout the year! (Especially MedBall of course)

International Rep - Hongseo Choi

Course: Medicine

Year: 3

I will be serving as an international Rep for the Academic year 2022-2023. As an international Rep, I will be organising events for international students during Welcome Week. Moreover, I will be the first port of call of assistance for international students who are starting to settle into the environment. I am friendly and approachable, so please do not feel intimidated to talk to me.

Something that makes me special: I am Korean, but I spent half of my life somewhere else.

Pharmacy Rep - Hamza Sadaq

Course: Pharmacy 

Year: 3

Hi my name is Hamza – I’m the Pharmacy rep this year!! I’m currently a third year pharmacist and my role involves trying to get more pharmacists involved in medsoc events!

MCHB CAWC Vice chair - Andeep Ghature

Course: Medicine
Year: 3


Hi! My name is Andeep, and I am the MBChB CAWC Vice-Chair this year! I look forward to representing you this year to ensure you feel heard and supported on your journey into Medicine. I am also the EDI Ambassador for the College of MDS, so please feel free to contact me with any concerns at all!

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