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Meet the MedSoc Committee

Birmingham MedSoc is run by a committee of 23 dedicated MedSoc members. Each individual on committee has a role, together ensuring the smooth running of Birmingham MedSoc. Fancy being on committee? Keep an eye on your student emails in March to find out about how you can join!

President - Charlie Brockwell

Course: Medicine (Intercalating in Clinical Sciences)

Year: 4

Hello everyone, I’m Charlie and I’m this year’s President of UoB’s MedSoc. This involves running our amazing committee, as well as communicating with the Medical School and the Guild of Students.

MedSoc is an outstanding community with so many great people throughout the College of Medical and Dental Students to make friends with and support you. The huge variety of societies, charities and sports offered means you can pursue any current or new passion – there’s always something for everyone! I could not recommend MedSoc enough!!

Something that makes me special: I’m part of the best MedSoc

Vice President Academic - Chloé Moral

Course: Intercalating Global Health

Year: 4

Hello! My name is Chloé and I’m the MedSoc Vice President Academic 2021/22. I’m a fourth year medic (intercalating in Global Health) and can’t wait for the year ahead! My role involves organising the pre-clinical revision lectures for the January and Spring exams, putting together the “Freshers’ Guide to First Year”, and more along the way. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

Favourite thing about MedSoc: My highlights are The Hop, Gower and the fleeces 😍

Vice President Social - Olivia Wilde

Course: Medicine

Year: 3

Hi! My name is Liv and I am really looking forward to being your new VPS! My role includes being part of the team that oversee our MedSoc events, so that means organising your fresher’s week which I am so excited for!!! Here’s a little bit about myself… I’m from Manchester, did gymnastics for 13 years, and absolutely love to attend MedSoc events! I can’t wait to meet you all in fresher’s week and will make sure you have an amazing time! 🙂

Something that makes me special – a little bit of a nerdy fact but I know over 50 digits of pi haha

Secretary - Shirin Anari

Course: Dentistry

Year: 2nd year

Hi my name is Shirin and I will be your Secretary for the next year. I am very excited to give something back to Medsoc after four years (gosh!) of being a member. I have loved getting involved in the societies that Medsoc has to offer (Medsoc Dance and Hockey to name a few!) and meeting lots of wonderful, like-minded people. I am thrilled to work with such a fabulous committee and bring you another year of Medsoc merch! 

Something that makes me special- my ability to always see the positives in a situation

Treasurer - John Buchanan

Course: Medicine (4th year/intercalated)

Year: 4 (Intercalating in clinical anatomy)

Hello!! My name is John and I am treasurer of MedSoc this year! This basically means that I’ll spend most of my time behind a computer ensuring we can afford to put on all the fun events we have planned throughout the year. I will strive to make sure everything we do is value for money because I know how important that is. I am also in charge of grants weekend where I get the fantastic opportunity to give the annual grants to our brilliant MedSoc societies. I can’t wait to get involved and make this the best year to be a MedSoc member yet!!

Something that makes me special: I am hoping to complete an Ironman in 2025, the year of my graduation… Should be enough time to train :0

CAWC Vice-Chair - Maiar Elhariry

Course: Medicine

Year: 3

Hey! This is Maiar, going into 3rd year medicine. I am the CAWC Vice-Chair on MedSoc this year. I understand moving into uni and studying medicine might get tough and I am more than happy to help when possible!! Please do feel free to reach out to me (even if just for a rant!)

Lots of love xx

Please feel free to contact me –

Favourite thing about MedSoc: Planning even more social and academic events to help you on your journey as healthcare professionals!

Societies and Charities Rep - Eden Cooper

Course: Medicine 

Year: 4 (after intercalating in Clinical Anatomy)

Hi! My names Eden and this year I’m your Societies and Charities Representative. This involves organising Fresher’s Fair for the biggest (and best) MedSoc in the country, liaising with the Guild and continuing to support all societies and charities throughout the year. Outside of this, I love MedSoc hockey, running and having a dance with my friends!  I’m very excited to get started and can’t wait to meet you all x

Something that makes me special: I spent more time on crutches than off crutches in both first and second year!

Sports Rep - Sam Thomas

Course: Medicine

Year: 3

Hi everyone! I’m Sam, the new MedSoc Sports Rep for this year. After a very difficult year, I’m excited to help the 15 (yes, fifteen!) MedSoc sports transition back to normalcy as well as introducing some new sporting events, making MedSoc sport bigger and better than ever before. Stay tuned @bhammedsocsport on insta and facebook.

Favourite thing about MedSoc: Sports socials are obviously a highlight!

Sponsorship Rep - Maria Skaria

Course: Intercalating Clinical Sciences

Year: 4

Hi! My name is Maria and I’m Sponsorship Rep this year. My role involves organising exclusive MedSoc discounts for you all and coordinating sponsorship for some of our events and societies. Make sure to keep an eye on our social media and remember to pick up your MedSoc membership card in September!

Favourite thing about MedSoc: MedBall (closely followed by my MedSoc fleece)!

Entertainment Reps - Sebastian Fox and Sujan Canagarajah

Course: Medicine

Year: 3

Hi everyone! We’re Seb and Suj, and we are your Entertainment reps for this year! We know that everyone has been deprived of a proper social life for too long and so, we’re making socials this year bigger than ever before! Be on the lookout for some of the greatest Medsoc events to date, and add yourselves to our ENTs fb page to follow all the action!

Favourite thing about MedSoc: Huge MedSoc socials which integrate all the years and all allied healthcare courses.

Medball Reps - MIRACS (Maya de Silva-Morgan, India Dickinson, Rosie Burke, Alys McCarthy, Camille du Boisson, Sarah Hickson)

Course: Medicine

Year: 4

Hi all! We’re Maya, India, Rosie, Alys, Camille and Sarah, a group of 6 girls going into our fourth year at Birmingham! This year we are your MedBall reps, and it is our job to organise THE MedSoc event of the year. MedBall is an amazing evening of food, drink and entertainment and we hope to see you all there!

Favourite thing about MedSoc: All the fantastic events throughout the year! (Especially MedBall of course)

BioMed Rep - Emily Horner

Course: Biomedical science

Year: 3

Hey freshers! I’m Emily and I will be the MedSoc’s BMedSci rep for this academic year. My role is to liaise between both the MedSoc and BioMed committees, through which I will help coordinate events to ensure biomedical science students have a great year with MedSoc!

Favourite thing about MedSoc: MedSoc fleeces and, of course, MedBall!!

Physiotherapy - Lucie Read

Course: Physiotherapy

Year: 3

Hey! I’m Lucie, a third year physiotherapy student and the Physio rep for MedSoc. My role is to represent physiotherapy student’s interests within MedSoc and to promote MedSoc activities and events. So, you won’t miss out on any opportunities!

Favourite thing about MedSoc: How friendly and welcoming it is.

Pharmacy Rep - Gaby Wong

Course: Pharmacy

Year: 2

Hello, I’m Gaby, your Pharmacy rep for the coming year. As your representative, my job is to act on behalf of pharmacy students in MedSoc and to promote everything to the pharmacy students. I hope everyone can enjoy all of the things MedSoc has planned for you this year!

Favourite thing about MedSoc: Opportunities to meet new people!

Tech Rep - Intesar nur

Course: Intercalating Clinical Sciences

Year: 5

Hi! I’m Intesar, currently intercalating in clinical science: infectious disease and microbiology. I am the new technology representative for MedSoc, helping bring to life the MedSoc shows with lights, sounds and more. You’ll also find me in societies ranging from hiking, to trying cool new surgical gadgets.

Favourite thing about MedSoc: The huge number of societies you can get involved in … It brings the fun into medicine.

International Rep - Hongseo Choi

Course: Medicine

Year: 2

I will be serving as an international Rep for the Academic year 2022-2023. As an international Rep, I will be organising events for international students during Welcome Week. Moreover, I will be the first port of call of assistance for international students who are starting to settle into the environment. I am friendly and approachable, so please do not feel intimidated to talk to me.

Something that makes me special: I am Korean, but I spent half of my life somewhere else.

Website Rep - Vedant Lal

Course: Medicine

Year: 2

Hey Everyone! I am the website rep for the MedSoc. This year, we aim to bring about big changes and include new features to our website. Birmingham MedSoc is the largest in the UK and so shall be our website. Regularly updating the website, and adding new features are part of my role. Apart from this, I also regularly preach for mental health awareness. If you do wish to talk about any thing else, feel free to reach out to me!

Something that makes me special: I love boxing and going to the gym.

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